The Linacre School of Defence

The Linacre School of Defence

Studying the historical British martial arts of smallsword, backsword and pugilism.


The Art and Science of Defence: 17th, 18th & 19th-century English martial arts.

Smallsword according to Hope's New Method, back-sword according to Wylde

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The Linacre School of Defence was founded in Oxford in 1999 and offers an integrated martial arts system, soundly based on historical Western combat manuals.

  • Smallsword according to Hope's New Method
  • Backsword according to Silver and Wylde
  • Pugilism according to Mendoza

BFHS certified and insured instructors.


Classes are currently held at from 8pm to 10pm on Thursdays all year round at the University Club, and from 6pm to 7pm on Monday evenings in the same place. Longer but less frequent sunday seminars are organised as required. For more information please refer to the timetable.

The University Club
11 Mansfield Road

 The hanging guard in seconde

Prospective members should contact the LSD before attending their first class.
email: enquiries @

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