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James Miller's A treatise on backsword, sword, buckler, sword and dagger, sword and great gauntlet, falchon, quarterstaff.

Published: 1735

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My Lord,
Had not my King and Country demanded my Service abroad, my Intention was, to have given the Public a short Treatiſe of the Gladiatory Art of Defence (a Subject that few have handled) & to have all along Illuſtrated it with proper Sculptures and Figures. To have trac'd its first Riſe and Origin, & pursued it through the several Degrees of its Advancement until it came to have Schools establish'd, Amphitheatres built, Stipends settled and Laurels and Largeſses given to the Victors. To have specified and described the several Kinds of Weapons, and Arms, which Combatants, in different Ages, were wont to make use of, and by what Skill and Manner of Address they might best be enabled to defend themselves, and annoy their Adversarys. But above all to have shown by very convincing Proffs and Arguments the great Uſefulneſs of this Science and the manly Exercises depending on it to every brave and warlike Nation; That Courage (under God) cannot be wanting, nor Conquest become a Stranger to such People, as take delight in the Cultivation of the Sword, but being ordered into another Country, I thought it not improper to present your Lordship with the Designs I have already made, and explained on the Side of this Sheet; as of Use to instruct the Learner, and remind the Proficient in this Art, and while I am gone, a small Memorandum of
My Lord,
Your most devoted Servant
James Miller.


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